ME Executive Day
An invisible, po werful force is lifting the world to new heights! Everything is becoming digital now and to succeed in this world people need to embrace technology. More than ever, everybody knows that to stay relevant, they must use technology to be more efficient and meet demands. But ­digital transformation is just one part of the equation. We have reached a point where data analytics are giving us the necessary understanding to drive transformation, whereas the importance of people and modern IT might not be underestimated as well.

How do you lead your business in a fast pace changing world and how do you keep up with all these rapid changes?
24th May 2023
Fokker Terminal The Hague

Featured Speakers

What is ME Executive Day?

ME Executive Day was built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.

Bringing together decision-makers from top500 companies in The Netherlands, we provide a platform for leading industry experts to connect, establish lasting business relationships and share memorable conversations in a more casual setting.

Elevate your networking experience, as we gather CXOs and Directors in charge of IT, Data and Digital related functions to explore best practices, share inspirations, and co-transform.

During ME Executive Day, we will be hosting the following sessions in a parallel program.


The Value of a Sustainable Business: How to Create a Positive Impact on the World Whilst Unlocking Business Opportunities
Global voice and leadership speaker on ESG, Non-Executive Director, and Triple Former CEO

Climate change is a crisis of the unprecedented magnitude that threatens to multiply a broad range of sustainability risks. Organizations are under increasing pressure to respond. Many will need to sustainably transform their business models to find new opportunities and avenues for growth for their future businesses.

Pressures toward sustainability are reaching a tipping point. But how can your businesses accelerate the sustainability transformation to find new opportunities and avenues for growth? Marga Hoek will dive deeper into:
    • How to lead sustainable transformation
    • The challenges for the boardroom
    • The power of ICT and advanced technologies for a better world

Rebalancing and Succeeding in Uncertain Times: How VodafoneZiggo is Building a Network of the Future by Scaling Agility and Resiliency
Fleur van Beem, Executive Director Strategy, Insights, and Digital Transformation, VodafoneZiggo
Thomas Mulder, Executive Director HR, VodafoneZiggo

The more flexible your company is and the faster it can adjust to inevitable industry changes, the better prepared it will be to win market share, improve organizational efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. While future events may not take the same shape as the pandemic or inflation, they will require organizations to navigate profound disruptions nimbly and effectively.

During this business case Fleur van Beem, Executive Director Strategy, Insights, and Digital Transformation, together with Thomas Mulder, Executive Director HR at VodafoneZiggo, will dive deeper into the following:
    • How they respond to current disruptions and created a so-called ‘playbook’ for the future
    • How they aligned the strategy with future objectives
    • What expected to value their new strategy will deliver in the short and long term
    • The main risks involved in implementing the new strategy and the investments needed to make it work
    • How to measure organizational agility

The Digital Next Academy: How PostNL Skills Its Employees to become the most Efficient and Innovative E-Commerce and Postal Logistics Platform in, from, and to the Benelux
Bart Delmulle, Chief Digital Officer, PostNL

PostNL has invested heavily in increasing digital knowledge among its employees. The lack of knowledge within senior management proved to be a brake on digital transformation. In 2019 PostNL started the Digital Next Academy.

Our headliner, Bart Delmulle, CDO at PostNL will share insights, failures, and lessons learned on:
    • How and why they started the Digital Next Academy
    • How they align the ‘digital academy’ strategy with their business objectives
    • The expected value of the project in the short and long term
    • The main risks involved in implementing the program and challenges that came forward
    • The investments needed to make the digital academy work

Fueling the Future of Green Energy through Data & AI: How Shell is Making Measurable Sustainability Improvements while Ensuring Profitability
Petra Zijlstra, Group Chief Data Officer, Shell

At Shell, there are plenty of reasons to use AI and data to transform the business. From increasing energy demands and unconnected environments to mounting pressure to fight climate change, the oil and gas industry is at its crossroad. The power of big data analytics and AI modernizes the energy industry. What is Shell’s Road ahead?

During this session, Petra Zijlstra, Global Chief Data Officer at Shell, will dive deeper into Shell’s data and AI initiatives to improve sustainability and halve emissions by 2030. Learn more on:
    • How to acquire, standardize and manage scattered and large volumes of data for green initiatives
    • How to integrate AI tooling to conduct analyses
    • The investments needed to make data & AI initiatives work to halve emissions by 2030
    • The main risks and challenges that came forward and how to overcome them

Baby Steps or Cannonball: Getting your Enterprise Transformation up to Speed Step by Step
Anneke Keller, Chief Technology Officer, Wehkamp

The digital transformation organizations are going through in recent years is much more than a simple migration from an offline to an online environment. Anneke Keller, CTO at Wehkamp has undergone many transformations in different organizations. Technologies are now up to speed, the innovative power has increased, and people have been trained to participate in the digital transition.

During this session, Anneke Keller will share real cases on how to do a full transition as an organization, following a so-called ‘Pac-Man Strategy’. Conquering the world in baby steps. What have been the do’s and don’ts, failures, and lessons learned? Get yourself equipped and learn about:
    • Wehkamp’s transition: From on-premises to the cloud via a ‘Pac-Man strategy’
    • Jumbo Supermarkets’ transformation: From bricks to online
    • Coolblue’s pruning-hard growth: Scaling up in a very short period

Getting Ahead of the Digital Game: How ABN AMRO Verzekeringen Enables Modern Data Sharing in a Joint Venture World
Maarten Mies, CIO,  ABN AMRO Verzekeringen

Managing data and creating insights is not enough to accelerate digital business transformation. These activities must deliver measurable business impact. Statistics have shown that organizations that successfully increased data sharing were 1.7 times more effective at showing demonstrable, verifiable value to D&A stakeholders.

Maarten Mies, CIO at ABN AMRO Verzekeringen (NN), will share insights on:
    • Establishing sources whereby all parties have the trust to share the data
    • Preparing the IT environment for data sharing
    • Tools and technologies enabling data sharing
    • Challenges and risks in data sharing and how to overcome them
    • Expected value on the short and long term

Navigating Hybrid Work in a Digital Era: How Transformed Its Organization and gets the Best out of their Staff
Jurrie van Rooijen, Chief Technology Officer,

Effective collaboration across dispersed teams is one of the most challenging problems facing organizations today. This is particularly accurate for hybrid work models, where many companies have yet to precisely define how, where and when work will take place. has successfully transformed its organization and makes hybrid work possible:

Our headliner, Jurrie van Rooijen, CTO at will tell you more about:
    • Their response to the current disruptions and how they align the hybrid working strategy with future objectives
    • What value hybrid working delivers in the short and long term
    • What digital tech and tooling are implemented to make connected working work
    • How new digital tech and tooling are influencing the way of hybrid working and strategy forward
    • The main risks involved in (digital) hybrid working for the organization
    • The investments needed to make hybrid working work
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Marga Hoek

Global voice and leadership speaker on ESG, Non-Executive Director, and Triple Former CEO
Marga Hoek is a member of Thinkers50, she is that rare combination: a true visionary on sustainable business and capital and a successful, innovative business leader who understands and applies the commercial realities of business. Operating at the highest level with ministers and presidents, Marga is a global voice for G20, G7 Climat Change and if Cop 23; an award-winning author and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and other prestigious media.

She is a non-executive director for various, international companies after a successful CEO, and executive career as well an appreciated and sought-after boardroom advisor. As the most appreciated speaker on sustainable business and capital and a multiple-awarded author, she is considered one of the most influential thought leaders leading the way in the transition towards a sustainable world.

She is unique in demonstrating in how today’s ICTs and technological innovations can be a huge force for good and has a strong track record in the financial sector.

    • Ranked by Thinkers 50 as one of the top 30 new management thinkers in the world
    • Awarded gold medal for both bestseller books The Trillion Dollar Shift & New Economy Business
    • Best speaker available on sustainable business and capital
    • Unique in demonstrating how ICT and advanced technology can be a force for good via disruptive, sustainable business models
  • Fleur van Beem

    Executive Director Strategy, Insights & Digital Transformation, VodafoneZiggo
    Fleur van Beem has been Executive Director Digital Transformation since October 1, 2021. Before that, Fleur was a partner at strategic consultancy Bain & Company, advising Dutch and international organizations in the telecom and financial sector.

    Thomas Mulder

    Executive Director HR, VodafoneZiggo
    Thomas Mulder is Executive Director HR for VodafoneZiggo since July 2018. He joined Vodafone in January 2012 from Accenture where he was HR Director for the Benelux countries. He led the acquisition of Cable & Wireless Worldwide and the launch of Vodafone Group Enterprise from an HR perspective.

    End of 2013, Thomas moved to Germany to complete the acquisition and integration of Kabel Deutschland as their HR Director.

    In 2015, Thomas went back to Vodafone Netherlands as HR Director to lead in the due diligence of Ziggo. After completion of the VodafoneZiggo Joint Venture he was appointed Global HR Director for Vodafone Business in December 2016. Thomas holds a Global Executive MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management.

    Bart Delmulle

    Chief Digital Officer, PostNL

    Petra Zijlstra

    Group Chief Data Officer, Shell
    Petra J Zijlstra has years of global experience as a creative, innovative, and result-driven business leader in the sales, consultancy, and information technology industries. Currently General Manager Contract, Procurement, and Supplier management at Royal Dutch Shell.

    Program executive responsible to implement Global application platform including ERP package to support future growth and business need for insights to manage the growth effectively.

    Previously responsible as:

    CIO – Manager Group Information Service at Euro pool And Chief Information Officer of KPN IT Solutions, leading IT in the Netherlands. Petra and her team are evolving IT to become a fundamental enabler of growth for both KPN and its customers. and director at Nike European Headquarters both in Sales, Strategic programs, and Information technology.

    Petra enjoys focusing on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environments that demand continuous improvements. Experienced in driving people, customer services, products and process and improvements while building partnerships with key business decision-makers.

    Expertise: Business Leadership, Change Management, Commercieel management, Information Technology, Program and Project management

    Anneke Keller

    Chief Technology Officer, Wehkamp
    Anneke has been working at Wehkamp since January 2021. Wehkamp is a fast-growing online department store. The company was founded in 1952 and started as a mail order business. In its very early years, Wehkamp sold mattresses and bed textiles via advertisements in magazines; it has since grown into one of the largest e-commerce players in the Netherlands. Today we have more than 400.000 products and more than 2000 brands on our website and app.

    Why we do what we do? We like to be #1 in the heads and hearts of families in the Netherlands. Developments in (online) retail go very fast and that’s why we need to re-invent ourselves time and again to make that happen!

    Maarten Mies

    CIO, ABN AMRO Verzekeringen

    Jurrie van Rooijen

    Chief Technology Officer,
    As CTO of, Jurrie van Rooijen is responsible for all technology within Together with a team consisting of specialized engineers, he works every day to make the organization agile and flexible.

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