ME Executive Day

ME Executive Day is built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.

Join us on 23rd May as we dig deep into the know-hows of:

  • Bracing your business for what’s to come
  • Cultivating talent and leading champions for tomorrow
  • Driving digitalization for a sustainable future
  • Encouraging mindful leadership in the modern world
23rd May 2023
14:00 – 20:30 CEST

Moltkes Palæ, København

Featured Speakers

Bringing together top executives in Denmark in our biggest cross-functional gathering, ME Executive Day provides a platform for leaders to connect, establish lasting business relationships and share memorable conversations in a casual setting.


14:00 – 14:30 – WALK IN & LIGHT LUNCH
Brace Your Business For What’s to Come
Frank Øland, Global Chief Strategist, Danske Bank
Let’s start the day by taking the temperature of the global economy in the wake of an extraordinary year with post-covid recovery, war in Ukraine, supply chain disruptions and financial instability.

In this macro-economic outlook session, Frank Øland will:
    • Analyze the current financial climate
    • Take a crystal ball look into the future to see what is coming at us
    • Highlight key hurdles Danish organizations will need to overcome for better business navigation
Leading Champions To Secure The Danish Cyber Defense Of Tomorrow
Jens Myrup, Professor in Cyber Security at Aalborg University – Head Coach for the Danish National Cyber Security Team – Winner of the The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s award “Undervisningsprisen” in 2022
As the cyber threat towards Danish companies and society increases, the imbalance between the supply of and demand for cyber talents continues to grow. It is more crucial than ever that we support talent development and community building within cyber security – and that is exactly what Jens Myrup Pedersen has devoted his career to do. In September 2022, the hard work paid off when he as Head Coach for the Danish National Cyber Security Team took home gold and beat 32 other countries in the European Cyber Security Championship.

In this inspirational keynote, Jens Myrup Pedersen will share:
    • The thrilling journey towards winning the Championship and leading the team
    • How we can cultivate young talent, build communities and attract the future cyber stars
    • What is needed to safeguard Denmark now and in the future with a sufficient cyber security workforce that our organizations and society so desperately need
16:20 – 17:30 – WORKSHOP
Digitalization With Purpose – Driving Commercial Value For A Sustainable Future
Morten Holm Christiansen, CDO/CIO and Interim CFO, Haldor Topsoe – CIO of the Year 2021
As organizations digitalize their products, internal processes, and business models with increasing pace, it is easy to lose track of the goal and get lost in exhilarating new technologies and tools. To create true value and a solid ROI, all digitalization strategies need to have a clear purpose and a direction set for the (sustainable) future.

In this inspiring presentation, Morten Holm Christiansen will:
    • Share learnings from some of his many digital and IT transformation successes from leadership positions in global companies
    • Dive into how we can innovate, develop, and implement digital solutions to drive commercial value whilst pushing the green agenda
    • Elaborate on his CIO/CDO leadership approach and change management best practices
Break-Out Discussion
In this engaging break-out discussion, we will explore the topics of Morten’s keynote further in a function specific setup. We will discuss, discover, and share key takeaways on:
    • Digitalization and innovation challenges and how to prioritize initiatives in the current business climate
    • Change leadership and how to create sufficient organizational momentum
    • Strategies for purposeful, future-proof digitalization
Finding Calm In Chaos – Mindful Leadership In The Modern World
Marie Kronquist, Professional Buddhist Teacher, Author and Mentor for Danish C-level Executives
Waking up at six, getting coffee on the go and grinding away for ten hours. Without breaks. This is how a normal day looks for many business leaders, and it wears on the body and the mind. But it also wears on the workplace; because is it really possible to create balance and focus among others while you yourself are in a turmoil? The unambiguous answer is no, if you ask Marie Kronquist, who has been teaching thousands of people in several countries and guiding some of Denmark’s top executives for years based on Buddhist principles.

In this thought-provoking keynote, Marie will share:
    • Her own journey from professional basketball player and police officer to life as a Buddhist in a modern age
    • Her learnings on how to live a courageous life based on wisdom, kindness, and compassion in a world with climate change, terror, epidemics, and economic crises
    • How to find calm in the chaos of leadership and how to become a better, more present, and resilient leader, using 2000-year-old tools
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