ME Executive Day
Our Executive Day is the highlight of our event portfolio, which you can enjoy in November at the beautiful location Botanical near Frankfurt!

You will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge, meet like-minded people and participate in fascinating sessions.

You will hear industry experts at the forefront of innovation and take away tangible results for your everyday professional life through interactive keynote presentations.

17th November 2022
08:30 – 19:00 CET
Frankfurt, Germany

Featured Speakers

What is ME Executive Day?

ME Executive Day was built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.

Bringing together more than 100 CXOs from Top500 DACH companies, we provide a platform for leading industry experts to connect, establish lasting business relationships and share memorable conversations in a more casual setting.


Think Less, Feel More: Do Leaders Still Know Who They Are?
Kim Moke, Thought Leader, Expert & Global Changemaker on Executive Leadership

Kim Moke as a global changemaker on executive leadership will guide us to her specially designed Arts meet Business seminars that incorporate doing, experimentation and courage to reinforce innovative communication and self-discovery.
To excel in leadership, leaders must start with themselves and need to know WHO they are. Building awareness will teach leaders about change and open communication to accept the challenge of managing different personalities, genders, backgrounds, and age. During this interactive keynote we will cross the border of self and learn to recognize the social aspect of what we do and how it can help the company.

People Drive Innovation: From Diversity and Inclusion to a World Class Product Portfolio
Misel Ahom, Global Director Diversity & Inclusion at Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf as a global leader in the consumer goods industry aims to sustainably increase the company’s market share by achieving qualitative growth and, at the same time, to expand its earnings base. Especially their success factors Digitalization and People is what makes them a huge role model for other companies, and it is the reason why we bring them on our exclusive stage!
    • Dive deep into why Diversity and Inclusion is a strategic pillar of Beiersdorf’s C.A.R.E. + strategy
    • Learn how Beiersdorf incorporates equal opportunities and leadership diversity
    • Become a more successful company in promoting Diversity and building a mindset of Inclusion

13:00 – 13:40 CET : HOTSPOT SESSION
Growth vs. Unequal Growth – Balancing Between the Love for Customers and Employees
David Toborek, Head of Digital at EAT HAPPY GROUP

With the workforce finding itself in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, work has transformed at an unexpected pace through new technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and cognitive automation. Advanced analytics and the Internet of Things enhance exponentially, and everything needs to become faster. But with process optimization mostly being implemented from top to bottom, how can we ensure that people responsible to produce and deliver the goods and services can keep up?
David Toborek as Head of Digital at the EAT HAPPY GROUP will zoom with us into this very special conflict of objectives:

    • Companies announcing programs to further focus on customer satisfaction and attention amidst the battle for shrinking markets
    • How can the mismatch between the available workforce and the skills required for the vacancies be addressed without creating unreasonable working conditions?
    • When do we start exploring what’s possible for the people in future jobs?

How Leaders can Give People a Voice
Kim Moke, Thought Leader, Expert & Global Changemaker on Executive Leadership

Misel Ahom, Global Director Diversity & Inclusion at Beiersdorf
David Toborek, Head of Digital at EAT HAPPY GROUP

Raising concerns, complaints, ideas and other sensitive issues can cause great anxiety for some employees. It is important for managers to create a culture where employees feel encouraged to speak up. The experiences employees have with the company culture influence much of their decision-making in this regard. According to research by Amy C. Edmondson (book “The Fearless Organization”), the leader must first set the tone. They need to be clear about the “why,” and it always needs to be authentic.
In this panel discussion we bring our speakers of the day back on the stage to go into a deep dive discussion, or even a so-called “boardroom banter”. We will discuss the following rules of open communication amongst others together before we go further in our Break-Out Discussions and continue the conversation in smaller groups:

    • Be sincere, authentic, and caring
    • Set clear expectations and boundaries around norms
    • Build an inclusive culture of communication and provide opportunities for feedback
    • Respond quickly, respectfully, and visibly to a current issue


During these in-depth discussions, we can interact and receive immediate feedback from peers on various topics. The participation and contribution of each participant is a powerful tool to empower and support each other as leaders.
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Kim Moke

Thought Leader, Expert & Global Changemaker on Executive Leadership

Kim Moke is a global Changemaker and Keynote speaker for Executive Leadership and Team Building with unique innovative educational seminars. She is an expert in Artistic Intelligence, authenticity training, performance excellence and collaboration for leaders, executives and top talent.

Her diversified clients include top executives from the Auto-, Chemical- and Banking- industries with evaluations repeatedly in the highest percentile.

Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills with colleagues, management and global partners. Self confident, organized and inspirational with an outstanding track record of understanding and predicting market trends:

50 years experience as a performer, choreographer and director.
25 years successful business owner with 150 employees
15,000 global students: graduates, summer intensives and seminars
25 self designed international projects China, Europe, South America
10 years global leadership programs and mentoring

Misel Ahom

Global Director Diversity & Inclusion, Beiersdorf

Misel has 20 years of innovation and international marketing experience. With this she is driving sustainable growth, developing brands and leading high performance motivated teams.

Beiersdorf is one of the largest manufacturing MNC and leader in innovation/leadership and winner of the Innovation Award 2020, the Factory of the Year Award 2021 and the Rising Star Award 2020 from the German PROUT AT WORK foundation, amongst many more – PROUT AT WORK promotes the interests of LGBTIQ+ people in the working environment.

David Toborek

Head of Digital, EAT HAPPY GROUP

David is leading the Digital Unit at Eat Happy Group, an ultra-fresh convenience company rapidly expanding in Germany and Internationally.

Due to the young and dynamic setup of the company and lack of legacy, a number of topics can be approached in new ways which can be observed through the initiatives currently running.