ME Executive Day

Digital business – Once a buzzword, now key to success.

Join us as we dive deeper into this year’s theme of Digital Business at ME Executive Day IT & Cyber this October. This is a physical gathering of CIOs, CISOs and CDOs of the top 500 organizations of the Netherlands.

Learn from visionary leaders in the industry, inspire and be inspired by your peers, and build long-lasting business relationships in this physical-only experience!

5th October 2022



Featured Speakers

What is ME Executive Day?

ME Executive Day was built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.  

Bringing together decision-makers from companies in Netherlands, we provide a platform for leading industry experts to connect, establish lasting business relationships and share memorable conversations in a more casual setting.


Diversity and Inclusion in a world of Technology
Raisa Ghazi, Public Speaker Inclusive Leadership

During this discussion introduction, Raisa will strive to spread awareness about ethics, diversity, inclusion, and inequality in technology. She is committed to helping companies and countries implement frameworks for safer technology industry. As a speaker on ethics in technology, inclusive leadership in technology, growth mindset, bias in AI, and equality in technology.

In the discussion after the session, we will go deeper in:

    • How businesses should be encourages to commit to fairer and more ethical practices?
    • How diversity and inclusion can contribute to technology by for example cultural diversity, and female leadership?
    • What is the impact of creating and promoting a growth mindset in the world of technology?
    • What is the impact of Bias in automated processes causing discrimination and how to prevent this from growing?

A Kinetic CIO’s advice for the Next-Gen: The role of IT-Leadership in Modern Organizations
Sjoerd Blum, CIO, Royal Schiphol Group

IT Leaders need to stand out in new ways, since infrastructure and operations have become commodities. This means delivering at business level and leading an ever-evolving team. The role of the IT leader therefore has changed in many ways, but how do we plan for the role of tomorrow?

Learn from a leading expert in the field on:

    • What makes a great IT leader?
    • How do we develop future leaders?
    • How to position the IT organization for the future?

Hyper-automation has gone Right!
Mark Crooijmans, CIO, Gemeente Amsterdam

Hyper-automation is a buzzword that may scare some of us! Due to the high complexity of automation technologies like RPA, AI, and Advanced Analytics, it is difficult to implement in the organization. Hyper-automation is a business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. It involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools, or platforms.

During this business case we are going to take a look at the automation journey of Mark Crooijmans and the strategical pitfalls and opportunities that arose when trying to become the most automated version of themselves. The strategical questions that will rise during this sessions are:

    • What CxO collaborative ecosystems needed to be build?
    • Which way to go, in-house or outsourcing?
    • How to gather the right people with the right mindset?
    • How to keep the end goal within sight?

Brewing a New Hybid SOC: Rebuilding and Restructuring for Improved Incident Detection and Response Time 
Jan Joost Bierhoff, Global CISO, Heineken

With changing times and shortages in staff, it can be nessecary for organizations to rebuild their SOC and even make them hybrid. Both outsourcing and insourcing their security monitoring operations and responding to incidents, Heineken has rebuilt their SOC successfully, completely phasing out their former structure. Compared to other multinationals, the Dutch brewer has built a relatively small team with low total cost of ownership.

In this duo discussion, Jan Joost Bierhoff, Global CISO and his team member dive deeper into the challenges they have faced setting up a hybrid SOC and the journey they have faced with Heineken.

Modern Enterprise Architecture is not a Sprint but a Marathon!
Vladimir Cibic, CIO, KPN

Technology without trust is like an iPod without music! Running a digitally mature organization is one of the most challenging tasks for IT executives. As it requires a resilient and agile IT foundation at its heart. Without a healthy heart, you are not able to become bigger, better, and stronger.

During this keynote Vladimir Cibic will take a closer look at how to build a modern enterprise architecture by heart. We need to make the transition from traditional architecture to composable architecture. Therefore, we will ask ourselves the question whether our culture encourages the continuous exploration and creation of game-changing business capabilities on:

    • How do we apply sustainable long-term thinking to make our business as agile as possible?
    • How does the future of business architecture look like?
    • Which technologies fit our future enterprise architecture?

Diving deep on Data Privacy: A Global CPO’s Perspective on how to Protect ‘Privacy’ in the Age of Digital Data
Sebastiaan ter Wee, Global Chief Privacy Officer, AEGON

As the use of data continues, so are the number of privacy rules and regulations. In this age of cloud computing, data owners must keep up with recent technological advancements and privacy threats, and the regulations concerning the privacy of sensitive data and personally identifiable information. With more data comes the risk of privacy breaches that can lead to financial losses for the company and loss of its clients’ trust.

During this session we will dive deeper into how client trust issues should not undermine your transformation, but become a point of differentiation and even a source of competitive business advantage:

    • What common privacy pitfalls to look out for?
    • How to create a culture of privacy?
    • How to prepare for new upcoming privacy rules as a multinational?
    • What proactive steps to take future forward to ensure you meet customers’ needs in data privacy?
    • What future privacy regulations might mean and do for the company and where to focus on?
    • How to build trust at a time when leaks and abuse of data appear to be common?

Getting Ready to Accelerate Growth: Distributed Enterprise, Total Experience and Autonomic Systems
Dennis Mulder, CTO, Microsoft
Vladimir Cibic, CIO, KPN
Jan Mostert, CDO, Leaseplan

During this panel we will take a closer look at the growth possibilities of the future, together with the “Board of Technology” (CIO, CDO, CISO).

How do we support our organization with technology that enables growth?

    • How do we tackle challenges arising when building a “distributed enterprise”? Due to the new reality, we are facing with both our employee’s not working in the traditional way of working and our customers who are not available via traditional routes which means that we have to adapt our traditional ways of working. The distributed enterprise focuses on a virtual first, remote-first architectural approach to digitalize our organization and make life easier.
    • How do we create a “Total Experience”? Due to the rising demand for flexibility, agility and experience it is of great importance to create a competitive advantage with the help of a multi-experience strategy. How to create a multi-experience with the goal to interconnect and enhance a more holistic overall experience for all stakeholders?
    • What is the benefit of having “Autonomic Systems”? Due to the growth of our business, it is important for our systems to grow with it. What are the principles of autonomic systems that are self-managing and allow the business to grow without any drag from its systems?

Digitalizing Drinking Water: Sustaining Continuous Supply with Process Automation and Predictive Insights
Matthijs Zwart, CIO & CISO at Vitens

Our drinking water is completely dependent on digital processes, turn off the computers and there is no water coming out of our faucets. From pumping, purifying, and distributing water over a 54.000 km-controlled pipeline; everything is automated. As Vitens supplies drinking water to 5.6 million business and private customers through their distribution network, their digital transformation is central to our vitality.
In this session, Matthijs Zwart, CIO & CISO at Vitens shares the learnings they have faced throughout the years of digitizing one of our life necessities, as securing our water distribution is key to our vitality.

    • What lessons were learned during Viten’s digital transformation?
    • What role security plays in a highly digitalized vital eco-system and what can other sectors learn from this?
    • How predictive analytics enables continuous supply of our drinking water?

Illuminating IoT Security: Ensuring Connectivity with IoT Product Security
Zsolt Angyal, Head of Product Security at Signify
Barbara Oosterveld, Application Security Manager – Corporate Product Security

With the increased use of IoT devices, due to the pandemic and remote working, cybercriminals increasingly enter enterprise networks through these endpoints. The security of IoT devices becomes more crucial and so organizations should embed product security throughout the whole lifecycle. Signify, the world leader in connected lighting integrates security in all aspects of their products and systems, built upon a strong foundation of international security standards, governance and procedures.
In this keynote, Signify will showcase their story in IoT security with including risk and vulnerability assessment in their information security management system. During this session you will learn about:

    • How a network of security architects and champions within the development teams support security activities in product development, such as vulnerability and risk management, testing and incident management.
    • How Signify ensured to become the world’s first lightening company awarded with a security certification for its connected lightening process.
    • How a shared security team, threat intelligence team and sharing resources enables award-winning IoT security within Signify’s products.

A look behind the screens of the wonderful world of Formula 1 | Business vs. Topsport
Robert Doornbos, Former Formula 1 Driver

Whether it’s winning a world title in F1, running a successful business, or delivering a fire sizzling presentation, a lot depends on your ability to perform at the right time. Why do some people always seem to get wings at the moment supreme, while others just succumb every time?

Through brilliant highlights and embarrassing blunders, Robert Doornbos takes us through what happens to our brains and our behavior when are under immense pressure. Robert will help us to understand how we can use this behavior to make critical decisions.

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