ME Executive Day
As the world moves forward, so does technology and the benefits and consequences of it. With that comes responsibility to understand how digitalization shapes our organizations and people, but also how it has changed the security landscape and our understanding of safety. Just as geographical location has proven to be a minor detail in today’s highly connected world, for cyber-attacks, it has widened the scope. And while technology fuels our development, it is people who truly drives digitalization and change.

Join us at ME Executive Day, Sweden this 24th November where we will examine the art of the possible when it comes to the balancing act of digitalization, technology and security. Connect with your peers, and discuss the most pressing topics of today.
24th November 2022
Stockholm, Sweden

Featured Speakers

ME Executive Day was built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.  

Bringing together top executives in Sweden in one of the biggest cross-functional gatherings. We provide a platform for the foremost experts on cyber security to connect, establish lasting business relationships and share memorable conversations in a more casual setting.


13:15 – 14:00 CET – OPENING KEYNOTE
Cyber Arms Race
Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer, WithSecure

Technology shapes our conflicts and crisis. Technology shapes the wars we fight. Geopolitical crises extend to cyberspace, and cyberspace has no borders. What will the next arms race look like?
In our opening keynote, Mikko Hyppönen, will give you the latest insights, so that you can brace yourself for what may come.

From Journalist to Tech Business Leader: A Unique Perspective on Scaling Responsible AI
Linda Leopold, Head of Responsible AI, H&M Group

After many years in the media industry, Linda made the move from Editor-in-Chief at critically acclaimed magazine Bon to head the work of responsible AI at H&M Group. With her unique perspective, she raises the questions on how to do good with AI, and avoiding unintentional harm.
In this thrilling tech-talk Linda will talk about her remarkable journey, from journalist to Head of Responsible AI, and how she is helping H&M do good with AI.

    • Build explainable AI that is transparent across the organization
    • Reducing unintended bias before you scale
    • Leveraging a privacy-first approach to ensure sensitive data is never used unethically

From Hero to Zero to Hero Again? Taking the Pulse of Digitalization 2022
Mikael Cato, Chief Digital Officer & SvP, Scania

Digitalization has been on the top on the agenda for organizations for years, and something that for many organizations is embedded in the entire business strategy. But what is real progress and the value for that has been developed for the incumbent firm? Let’s take time to step back and reflect on the transformation so far.
In this insightful talk, Mikael will talk about the digitalization in the enterprise:

    • What have been the high and lows on our approach to accelerate digital
    • What are the concrete examples of progress and where are we still struggling?
    • Boiling a recipe out of the learnings – and how to put a second serve in play

Being Human Whilst Driving Accelerated Results
Andrew Bryant, World’s #1 Motivational Speaker on Self-leadership

In these disruptive times, organizations have had to rethink what they are doing, and how they are doing it. While this leads us to explore paths we have never traversed before, it also puts a high demand on our employees and especially the leaders steering the ship.
In this engaging presentation, Andrew will give you insights on how you can lead your organization to accelerated results, starting with yourself.

    • Establishing a purpose-driven leadership
    • Developing your self-awareness, confidence and efficacy
    • Influencing your team and create impact from your direction

16:45 – 17:15 CET – ECONOMIC OUTLOOK
The Economy at Large: How are Swedish Organizations Affected by the Recent Disruptions?
Susanne Spector, Chief Analyst, Nordea & Award-winning economist

Prior to February 24th, the world was on track for economic recovery, post-covid-19. After the invasion of Ukraine and supply-chain disruptions, the global GDP growth is projected well below the pace of recovery since last December. Nations and organizations alike will all feel the blow, as it affects jobs, purchasing power and loans. In this session you will be presented with a thorough economic analysis on how it may impact your organizations.
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