ME Executive Day
Future-proofing our business is all about supporting our companies in defining the scope, scale and specifics on how their businesses can evolve to meet critical challenges in sustainability, digital innovation and tackling disruption. But how do we deal with it? Due to the growing rate of disruption, there is a growing demand for continuous innovation. Stable growing organizations use business model innovation as a tool to stay competitive in today’s market.

At ME Executive day, we will shed light on all these challenges that hold our organizations back from becoming the most thriving versions of themselves. But even more important we will take a look at the integrations you as a decision-maker can implement to overcome these hurdles and become a future-proof organization!
25th April 2023
09:00 – 16:30 CEST
Het Afrikapaleis, Tervuren

Leadership Speaker

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ME Executive Day | Belgium

Creating a Future-Proof business | Disruption drives the need for sustainable digital innovation

ME Executive Day was built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.

Together with CxOs and Directors of the top500 companies in Belgium, we will explore best practices, share inspirations, and co-transform our businesses.


09:00 – 09:30 – WALK IN & REGISTRATION
09:45 – 10:30 – LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE 
Transforming while Performing
Olivier van Duüren, Moderator & Leadership Speaker
With all the changes upon us, we realise that we need to constantly balance transforming and performing to create soulful, highly energised future-proof organisations and individuals. Successful people and organisations find the right balance between transforming and performing.

        1. Performing mainly revolves around delivering on the commitments you made on the short(er) term. It is about your day-to-day performance: profitable growth, operating the supply chain, excelling on scorecards, keeping shareholders and customers satisfied, developing your employees, improving margins and/or acquiring a larger market share. In doing so, you mainly strive for operational excellence.
        2. Transforming on the other hand is where you build your future on the long term. It is where the true power sits. Analysts, shareholders, customers, employees want to see your power and ability to transform. People need to believe in your future. Innovation in all its dimensions, not just technology. It is about innovation excellence.
  • So ask yourself: Am I able to transform and keep performing for the short term?

    To succeed in transforming while performing you will need to:
    • See what’s happening at the outside.
    • Understand how to transform as a person and as a business.
    • Balance transforming -innovation excellence- while performing -operational excellence.
    • Put the customer at the heart, see people as the soul and drive digital as the oxygen of your business
11:00 – 11:45 – GROUP DISCUSSIONS
The Disruption Think Tank (Function-specific)
The speed and depth of disruption have never been greater than it is now. From March 2020 to today, we have experienced significant disruptions in every aspect of our lives. Seismic shifts in the workplace and workforce are still underway. Radical changes in human behavior are taking place as people continue to adapt to this new world. This complexity is compounded by major supply chains, labor problems, and inflation skyrocketing for the first time in decades.

At the helm of thousands of companies trying to navigate all of this disruption are the C-levels. C-levels are in the business of making decisions and never before has the role of being a decision-maker been more difficult.

During this think thank, we will draw a possible disruption case from a glass bowl. This case will excite your inner decision-maker brains to cooperate and brainstorm with your peers by:
  • Observing the case at hand from a neutral point of view
  • Orientating for the possible implications of the disruption on the business
  • Deciding on the best possible solutions
  • Acting on the execution of the chosen solution to implement
11:45 – 13:15 – NETWORKING LUNCH
13:15 – 13:45 – KEYNOTE 
Managing people through necessary change and disruption
Yannick Herrebaut, CISO, Port of Antwerp- Bruges
The most difficult thing to manage during times of change and disruption are people. In this business case we will be looking at how people management was an essential part in Port of Antwerp-Bruges’ journey to transform its Operational Technology (OT) environment to meet new security standards.

During this keynote, Yannick will zoom in on how he has successfully converged OT and IT Security teams by:
    • Raising awareness for cybersecurity risks within the OT team
    • Working together to develop a plan to increase cybersecurity maturity
    • Engaging with both senior management as well as the people on the floor to generate buy-in for the plan
Don’t be mastered by the disruption
Amy van Looy, Technology Professor
An Swalens, CIO, NBB
Kristof Caekebeke, CIO, TUI Airlines
When it comes to business strategy, “disruption” refers to a process in which market entrants come armed with non-conventional business models, and what at their outset seem to be poor-performing products or services actually come to challenge and eventually replace industry incumbents over time. But also, non-market entrants factors can challenge us by putting the company into “stress” testing mode! Such as the high numbers of inflation, supply chain, and the war for talent.

During this panel discussion we will take a closer look at certain factors that play a big role when it comes to disruption in the organizations:
    • How can we keep customers loyal to our organisations in times of disruption?
    • How can emerging technologies help us stay competitive but also support our internal business processes?
    • How can data help us to understand the situation on a deeper level?
    • Are there foundational ways we can and should be prepared to embrace disruption?
    • Which leadership skills are required to lead through disruption?
14:45 – 15:45 – LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE
The Never Normal
Peter Hinssen, Leadership Speaker
We’re at a crossroads. Certainly since the COVID-19 crisis but even before that, we have been evolving into a world with many new types of disruptions. There’s this potent cocktail of global platforms, information, intelligence, and automation that is accelerating the pace of change. But technology is no longer the biggest driver of disruption. What’s coming at us is ecological, biological, societal and geopolitical in nature and this is just the beginning. These many disruptions are going to evolve into seismic shocks that will completely overturn how we live and work.

During this keynote, Peter will zoom in on what organizations have to do to prepare for the never-normal:
    • How to coop with continuously changing consumer behavior?
    • How do we become an agile organization in capacity and resources?
    • Which skillset do we as business leaders need to learn to tackle the new normal?
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    Peter Hinssen

    Leadership Speaker
    Peter is the author of five bestselling business books.

    March 2020‘The Phoenix and The Unicorn’ is a book about the Phoenix, about those companies that – just like the mythical bird – are able to rethink themselves in cycles: time and time again they rise from the ashes of the old, and come out stronger than ever before.

    June 2017‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is about surviving in times of radical innovation.

    2014‘The Network Always Wins’ explains how and why companies have no choice but to become a network when the outside world has evolved into one.

    2010 – In ‘The New Normal’, Peter writes about how companies should explore the limits of the digital world, and what happens when technology just becomes ‘normal’.

    2008‘Business/IT Fusion’ is a guide about how to solve the conflict between business and IT.

    Peter is frequently asked to contribute to (international) publications and is a Forbes contributor as well as a LinkedIn Influencer.

    Olivier Van Duüren

    Moderator & Leadership Speaker
    Olivier Van Duüren is the founder of The Dualarity, a business and a book, and worked 22 years in the senior international executive ranks at Microsoft.

    Olivier helps startups, scaleups and corporations to find balance between performing and transforming as a person and as a business.

    He is an active founding investor of 9.5 Ventures building tailor-made startups for Corporates. And he is also a professor at the Zigurat Business School for Technology and Innovation.

    Yannick Herrebaut

    CISO, Port of Antwerp- Bruges
    Yannick Herrebaut started his professional journey in 2010, as a network administrator at Port of Antwerp, the governing body of the second largest port in Europe.

    In 2018, Yannick took the reins as the first Cyber Resilience Manager / CISO of the company. In this capacity, he is responsible for defining cyber resilience strategy and policy. Together with his team, Yannick implements innovative technologies that protect the port from cyberattacks. He also spearheads the cybersecurity awareness program, whilst optimizing processes, procedures and plans to create a truly cyber resilient organization.

    In April 2022, Port of Antwerp merged with Port of Zeebrugge, becoming Port of Antwerp-Bruges. As a consequence, Yannick’s responsibilities extend to the Bruges platform as well. Yannick is also involved in several cybersecurity communities. He is the secretary of the Antwerp-Bruges Port ISAC, co-chair of the European Maritime ISAC and member of ENISA TRANSSEC.

    Amy van Looy

    Technology Professor
    Amy Van Looy holds the Master Degree in political sciences and the Ph.D. Degree in applied economics. Before entering academia, she worked as an IT Consultant.

    Currently, she is an Associate Professor with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Ghent University (Belgium); and Head of the research cluster “Process orientation” at the Business Informatics Research Group.

    Her research interests include business process management, digital innovation and the adoption of emerging technologies. Additionally, a focus lies on maturity models and assessments. Her research was recognized in several international articles, books and awards.

    Amy was the recipient of the “Highest Award for Achievement” at the Dale Carnegie Consulting Program in 2007, the “Award for Best Contribution” at the OnTheMove Academy in 2010, as well as several paper nominations (e.g., BPM2018) and paper rewards (e.g., BPM2019). She was nominated in the top-10 for “Young ICT Lady of the year 2014” by the Belgian magazine DataNews, and was recognized as a tech role model by the non-profit “InspiringFifty Belgium” in 2020 (i.e., for being one of Belgium’s 50 most inspiring women in technology).

    An Swalens

    CIO, NBB
    Managing IT organisations with focus on partnership with business to create value. Experience with leading organisation through different mergers, digital transformation programs and outsourcing initiatives. Large background in variety of (international) functions : technical sales, consultancy, program management & IT.

    Strong vision on transforming organisations and driving people and teams to goals. Focus on Business -ICT Partnering, creating long term strategy and ability to execute. Translating enterprise strategic goals into concrete and agile deliverables.

    Kristof Caekebeke

    CIO, TUI Airlines

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