ME Executive Day
Leadership in a Changing World: Securing Operational Capabilities Under all Circumstances to Thrive Through the Rumble

Since the invention of the wheel, humanity has been advancing through all of our technologies. By developing new instruments to expand our capabilities, we have made significant strides towards greater well-being. Unfortunately, many of these instruments can be used as either a shield or a sword – depending on the user’s objective.

Join us at ME Executive Day, Finland this 30th November as we focus on how technology plays a role in our security and wellbeing.

30th November 2022
14:00 – 21:00 CET
Ravintola Koskenranta


Featured Speakers

ME Executive Day was built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.  

Bringing together decision-makers from companies in Finland, we provide a platform for leading industry experts to connect, establish lasting business relationships and share memorable conversations in a more casual setting.

Listen to real-life cases and learnings from cyber-attacks to digital leadership. Join interactive sessions and share your thoughts while networking with peers from other industries with a glass of wine and delicious food through the day.


Taking Ownership of Your Technology Portfolio with Ecosystem Management
Turkka Keskinen, CIO, UPM-Kymmene

It is clear to us that the world is getting more and more interconnected, and we are living in a jungle of software and services. As the technology and software value chains are getting longer and longer with outsourcing, SaaS, and partner organizations, it is more important than ever for leaders to understand who they are dealing with and how to take the leaders role across organizational boarders.
As industry leaders and whales of the ecosystem solution providing companies and other partners are tied to your business success. It’s in everyone’s best interest to work together in the ecosystem for it to thrive but how do you communicate and lead through the jungle with various actors with different needs and interests? How do you keep track or label your partnerships and more importantly is it clear who are responsible for the partnership to succeed?

Turkka Keskinen from UPM-Kymmene will take the stage for an interactive leadership sessions, where he will share his views and learnings with you in the audience while gathering information from the audience in real-time polls and questions. There will be room for questions and interaction during the presentation, and we encourage you in the audience to be active.

Moving Towards Early Detection and Awareness Through the Whole Organization: Are You Sure you are Not Breached?
Teemu Mäkelä, CISO, Elisa

When humans attain something valuable, we tend to build structures to defend our belongings. The simplest structure we still use are walls, but in a digitalized world our priced possessions are taking increasingly digital forms and our walls are also surrounded by firewalls and protocols to keep intruders out. These procedures are made to defend us, but also to make us feel safe and secure. This feeling of security and assumption that we are unreachable make us vulnerable.
Just as castle walls have been breached, they give us a false feeling of security when the intruder is already within the line of defence. These intruders can take their time and wait for the right time to present themselves before striking out the walls with what we hold most dear. In this conversation Teemu Mäkelä the Chief Information Security Officer of Elisa will share his thoughts a new philosophy of security, where you start from the assumption that your defence is not perfect, you are under attack and most importantly what you do next to keep your treasures within the castle walls!

This session is part of a three-part series of presentations that are linked together. After Teemus presentation Harri Hursti will continue with threats that foreign state actors impose on us and in the final act both speakers share the stage for a conversation and Q&A.

18:40 – 19:10 CET – HIGH STAKES CASE
Fighting on the Frontlines: Identifying and Countering Foreign State-Actors
Harri Hursti, Co-Founder at Voting Machine Hacking Village, Co-founder at Nordic Innovation Labs & Various Advisor roles

Some news break the threshold to become global phenomena that the whole world is following closely. The US Presidential Elections are an event that demands global interest, who will lead the most powerful military and economic power presently in the world stage. In the last two elections foreign state actors have arguably taken the next step from just watching closely from the sidelines to actively trying to affect the final outcome. This crossed the global news threshold and left many of us around the world wondering, what happened and how are these actors trying to use their influence?
Harri Hursti, a revered hacker and cybersecurity expert has firsthand experiences working in the US, defending their Presidential Elections from foreign country involvement attempts. This topic is more relevant than ever for us in Finland with our new western alliances and actively hostile neighbor. Often, information can’t be shared on attacks, but since this is a national topic, Harri will shed light on his experiences in defending organizations from highly coordinated attacks.

Even if the US is a larger target, it doesn’t necessary mean that smaller targets like ourselves are safe from foreign states coordinating attacks and influencing attempts. In this session, Harri will share his perspective on the ways different actors behave and how you could possibly identify them and counter these attempts as early as possible.
19:10 – 19:30 CET – FIRESIDE CHAT 
Reflective Ending Conversation: Is Your Organization Unbreachable?
Harri Hursti, Co-Founder at Voting Machine Hacking Village, Co-founder at Nordic Innovation Labs & Various Advisor roles
Teemu Mäkelä, CISO, Elisa
We have gone through presentations discussing preparedness, early detection and practical examples from the experts on the nature of foreign threats. In this finale session we give you, the audience, a chance to join in the conversation for a reflective session with both of our speakers. If you are wondering about practicalities regarding the cases or what you as a business leader can or need to do to secure your operations, don’t be shy and use your voice! It is likely that you are not the only one in the audience wondering about the same issues, bring your thoughts and questions to the stage!
    • Reflection in “assume you are breached” – philosophy & detection
    • Risks regarding state-actor threats for critical infrastructure
    • Discussion on the current security landscape
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