ME Executive Day
Join us for an event experience focusing on the most pressing topics and hottest trends, where great networking, inspiring talks, and excellent food interchange. Meet peers across functions and industries at our biggest event of the season!
10th November 2023
11:30 – 18:00 CET
Watrfront, Stockholm

Featured Speakers

Welcome to ME Executive Day!

Just as surely as the ever-shifting tectonic plates, our future business landscape has been rocked by seismic waves of innovation and geopolitical tension. Never before has technology been so readily available, and never have we been so connected. As we cycle through geopolitical tensions and crises affecting our businesses, we have the necessary tools available to us, but how can we use them?

Join us at ME Executive Day, where we will examine the art of the possible when it comes to innovation, sustainability and leadership. Where we scrutinize the opportunities that lie in the wake of crisis. Connect with your peers and discuss the most pressing topics of today.


13:15 – 14:00 – GLOBAL OUTLOOK
Global Tensions and Business Impact: Dancing with the Uncertainties of Life
Fredrik Reinfeldt, Former Prime Minister of Sweden

Growing geopolitical tensions and economic instability raises a flag for caution. In light of this our world can seem somewhat bleak, but in every crisis, there is opportunity, and ways to navigate around it for organizations to stay afloat, or even prosper.

In this presentation our expert will share his expertise and experience on how the global arena affects us, and our businesses

– The geopolitical situation and how it concerns businesses in Sweden
– What is the potential impact on businesses?
– Understanding and adapting to the new global arena, for business success

14:30 – 15:00 – PRESENTATION
Sustainable Sweden: Achievements, Challenges, and Future Plans
Svante Axelsson, National Coordinator, Fossile Free Sweden

Although Sweden as a nation has set a target to be fossil-free by 2045, the journey towards that target is not without obstacles. Electronic waste, and our high standards of living contribute to increased CO2 emissions. How is the climate crisis pushing us towards innovation and new ways to interact with the world?

In this session Svante will give us a thorough understanding of our sustainable achievements, challenges and future.

– Progress and achievements towards our fossil-free future
– The repercussions of not meeting expectations
– An overview of what we can expect to see in the future

15:00 – 15:30 – PRESENTATION
Leading with Purpose: A Top Down Perspective on Sustainability, Innovation, and Navigating the World Arena
Annelie Nässen, CEO, FOREX

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, businesses face a growing number of challenges that require strong leadership and purposeful action. Sustainability, innovation, and global tensions are just a few of the complex issues that today’s top leaders must navigate in order to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Through this presentation, we will gain valuable insights from a successful business leader who has led their organization with purpose, and a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and resilience.

– How sustainability can drive long-term success
– Leveraging innovation to solve business challenges
– Mitigating risk, and identify opportunities in a complex world

In this highly interactive session, we will be discussing with our peers on three topics, and share key take-aways. Get ready to spar cross functions and industries as you learn from each other!
Topic 1: Lessons Learned with Generative AI: How have Businesses Adapted to it?

It is safe to assume, most of us have used Generative AI by now. It has the potential to transform some roles, making them more efficient, while rendering others redundant. At the same time, it could lead to the creation of entirely new roles.

– Have you created processes including the technology, or added it in current processes? What has been the outcome?
– Is the technology worrying you in any way? Ethical, moral or privacy concerns?
– What are you looking to do in the future with AI?

Topic 2: Creating a Culture of Sustainability: The Leadership Challenge

Sustainability has become the enabler – a critical aspect in doing business. Companies must take a holistic approach that involves communicating a clear vision and strategy, embedding sustainability into their culture, and holding themselves accountable for progress. 

– How can we communicate a clear sustainability vision and strategy, with goals, KPIs and outline a roadmap for sustainable targets?
– Embedding sustainability in the company culture: How to promote awareness and integrating it into core business processes?
– Accountability: How can we hold ourselves as well as our teams accountable for progress?

Topic 3: Navigating Disruption: Developing a Change Mindset and Embracing Empathic Leadership

In today’s fast-changing business environment, disruption is the new norm. Organizations must learn to navigate disruption effectively to stay competitive and adapt to changing circumstances. This requires a change mindset and empathic leadership approach that can help companies to embrace change.

– How can leaders develop a change mindset to embrace disruption and adapt to changing circumstances?
– How can we apply empathic leadership to create more resilient teams?
– In turn, how do we empathize communication to ensure alignment and transparency?

17:15 – 17:55 – PANEL DISCUSSION
Business Implications by the Next Wave of The AI Revolution: Does it Spell Fortune or Disaster?
Ingo Paas, CIO, Green Cargo & CIO of the Year 2022
Virginia Dignum, Professor in Responsible Artificial Intelligence, Umeå University

Generative AI ushered in a new era of technology. Coined as the next technological revolution, AI has now truly become democratized. Early-adopters took advantage of it, while critics cited ethical, moral and privacy concerns. As the EU AI Act comes into order, acting as a regulator, how will the technology affect businesses moving forward?

In this panel our experts will dive into:

– Benefits and drawbacks of generative AI
– How will it affect the job market? What roles will change, and why?
– Moral, ethical and privacy issues and how to tackle them

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