Purpose beyond Profit for Finance Leaders in the DACH Region- Positioning as Responsible Business in Uniting Internal and External Stakeholders

29th November 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

In these disruptive times, change is both a necessity and inescapable. Finance leaders need to be more decisive than ever, not only within finance but also beyond: driving digitalisation, paving the way to a sustainable future and deciding how the workplace of tomorrow will look like. Prevail, adjust and constantly being one step ahead – this is your daily business as finance leader. You need to build a different, digital set of talents and processes and have to take environmental, social and governance (ESG) questions into account to stay on top of your game, which can be highly challenging in constantly changing times.

Deloitte found in their latest finance survey that 60% of the respondents are indeed partnering with local community organizations to increase their financial and non-financial commitment and that these kinds of alliances are key to success of financial inclusion strategies. In this episode we will investigate, what it takes to implement a sustainable finance strategy in the DACH region and how to find the real purpose beyond profit. We have experts from two very different industries joining us and thus hear from the perspective of Astellas Pharma as well as from Tchibo how they excel in ESG topics.

Hosted by:

Jochen Bohner
Head of Global Commercial Finance, Astellas Pharma
Felix Albrecht
Director Group Controlling, Tchibo GmbH

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Sustainable Finance: Putting a Price Tag on Sustainability and Finding Out What the Measuring Impacts are
Jochen Bohner, Head of Global Commercial Finance, Astellas Pharma

Sustainability is a topic of ever-growing importance in any part of our lives. Steps towards a company's more sustainable future can vary in significance and cost intensity: be it by generating energy with solar panels or way beyond that in participating in big ESG projects. As important as looking after our planet is, becoming green should still be affordable and measurable - this is where you as finance experts step in, since it always is and should be a matter of costs.

With a topic of such impact, drawing the line between affordability and global importance might pose a challenge. Jochen Bohner from Astellas Pharma will share his insights on the role of finance in the matter of sustainability:

  • Setting goals to create structure in your projects
  • Balancing financially viable and sustainable aspects to afford being green
  • Visualizing impacts to measure sustainability
Integrating Environmental, Social and Governance Considerations into Decision-Making Processes to Make Long-Term Investments in Sustainable Activities and Projects
Felix Albrecht, Director Group Controlling, Tchibo GmbH

When it comes to ESG considerations, Tchibo is one of the frontrunners who understood the importance of this topic early on. Their goal is now to become even more committed to building a sustainable company in reducing CO2 emissions by half until 2030 and 100% sustainable textiles by 2025. When the pandemic hit, there were two vital ingredients that helped them to get through this difficult time: long-term, reliable partnerships in their supply chains and the unwavering determination of their employees to pull together and overcome the crisis.

Felix Albrecht will explain to us, how trust and long-term relations can overcome supply bottlenecks and how trade unions around the world can fight redundancies and promote safe working conditions in factories:

  • Risk Management: overcoming currency fluctuations and negatively affected commodity prices through Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Establishing a creditable sustainable brand in having a holistic approach
  • Serving the new supply chain law in establishing an environtmental and human rights regulatory framework at EU and German national level
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Exclusive Q&A with Speakers
Jochen Bohner, Head of Global Commercial Finance, Astellas Pharma
Felix Albrecht, Director Group Controlling, Tchibo GmbH

During this exclusive Q&A open only for our community members, you'll get the chance to hear the answer to all the questions from our two speakers. You are welcome to submit all your comments during their previous sessions, and here they will have a chance to comment as many of them as times allow it.
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