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GDPR vs. AI Act: Unleash AI's Potential, Not Privacy Concerns

How to develop responsible AI that thrives within the European regulatory ecosystem

Pedro Uria-Recio
Chief Analytics & AI Officer
True Corporation PCL

22nd May 2024
09:15-10:00 am CET


Unleashing AI’s potential in Europe can feel like a minefield. GDPR’s ironclad data protection clashes with the AI Act’s hunger for data. This session cuts through the complexity.

We will explore the collision points and hidden opportunities arising from the interplay between GDPR and the AI Act:

    • Identify key considerations for navigating the interplay between GDPR and AI, particularly regarding risk assessments and achieving compliance.
    • Develop strategies to balance GDPR principles with AI development and deployment to achieve business objectives while upholding user data privacy.
    • Investigate ongoing concerns surrounding user privacy and potential bias in AI applications.
    • Explore the challenges and opportunities that arise from the intersection of GDPR with AI development and use.
    • Identify long-term steps necessary to ensure future AI policy promotes responsible development, including regulatory harmonization and ethical considerations.

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Pedro Uria-Recio
Chief Analytics & AI Officer, True Corporation PCL

Pedro Uria-Recio is a distinguished Spanish business executive and AI expert based in Southeast Asia. He’s renowned for his contributions to the field, recognized as a Top 100 Global Innovator in Data and Analytics and a recipient of the Cloudera Industry Transformation Award.

Pedro’s expertise was instrumental as Chief Analytics and AI Officer at True Corporation, where he led initiatives using telecom data for corporate solutions. His career spans roles at Axiata and McKinsey & Company, showcasing his deep understanding of telecommunications and financial services.

Pedro also shares his knowledge as a visiting lecturer and served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Antler. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a telecommunications engineering degree from the School of Engineers in Bilbao.

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