Implementing Zero Trust to Increase Cyber Resilience

6th February 2023, 09:00 – 10:15 CET

Zero trust has grown in popularity as more businesses migrate to the cloud, where it can be quickly implemented.

Join the peer-led group discussion as IT leaders across Europe will debate the advantages and drawbacks of using Zero Trust to improve cyber resilience in this international discussion.

Uncover insights on: 

  • How to examine the most effective methods for implementing Zero Trust in cloud-based or legacy data systems-based businesses?
  • How to assess Zero Trust downsides before deciding whether or not to introduce it to your business? 
  • How to examine the difficulties that Zero Trust faces and the solutions that can overcome them.
  • How to find out what types of breaches are still possible with Zero Trust and the best ways to deal with breaches once they occur? 

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