The Employment Gap: New Approaches Hacking the InfoSec Talent Shortage

22nd March 2023, 14:15 – 15:00 CET

Staff shortages and high workloads plagues the cyber world, but there are solutions, ways to tackle these challenges. In this Executive Insights, we will learn how to do so, from our experts.

Hosted by:

Roland Cloutier
Former CSO, TikTok
Ståle Risem-Johansen
CISO, SpareBank 1

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Beyond Technical Expertise: How CISOs Can Close the Trust Perception Gap with CEOs and Boards
Ståle Risem-Johansen, CISO, SpareBank 1

In the cyber profession, skill requirements are evolving more than ever. As they advance to the C-suite and progressively replace CIOs in reporting to CEOs and the Board, CISOs are expected to be outstanding communicators and business strategists. In practice, however, executive briefings on cyber dangers rarely lead to a better cyber culture, raising questions about whether CISOs truly deserve a seat at the corporate table.

Ståle Risem-Johansen will explain you what your board and senior management really want to know about cyber threats and how you can make cyber security a company-wide responsibility.

  • What do boards really care about and how can CISOs make cyber security their concern?
  • Solving a communication maze: What metrics work and do not work?
  • How to set the right expectations around risk appetite and acquire capital for your cyber programs?
Rethinking the 24/7/365 Policy and Addressing CISO Talent Attrition, Burnout and Turnover
Roland Cloutier, Former CSO, TikTok

In a world where cyber threats are prevalent, being a CISO is an extremely difficult job. Widespread staffing shortages make it all the more grueling, and most CISOs barely stay in their positions for just 26 months on average before hitting the point of burnout.

Together with Roland Cloutier, who have overseen the cyber security initiatives of the one social media behemoth, TikTok for years, join our discussion on how to deal with CISOs' job-related severe workloads and strains.

  • How to successfully manage a change in organizational culture of cyber-workplaces, set realistic security expectations, limits and work efficiency CISO and its team can deliver?
  • How can CISOs become effective communicators to get the support they need and create a greater sense of shared responsibility in a company to stay on top of cyber threats collectively?
  • Which technical solutions can make a CISO job less time consuming and more efficient?


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