Driving Organizational Optimization with the Exploding Developments of AI

1st March 2023, 13:30 – 15:00 EET

Even though artificial intelligence and machine learning have been around for quite some time, they are still ranking at the top of IT leaders’ priority lists. It is no wonder since the development is as much rapid as it is game changing. Discovering new possibilities, like the developments of deep learning and tiny ML models running at the edge of the network to optimize the workflow, can fundamentally change how companies develop and run their businesses. Doing it right, these technologies can lead to totally disruptive business models where AI and ML are the primary method of generating business value, boosting efficiency, agility, and resilience within the organization. But the vast transformation can also contain risks of falling behind or jumping on trending buzzwords without knowing why or how to utilize it properly.

During this 90Minutes Insights, we are going to take a closer look at the direction that AI and ML are headed. We will discuss what you should include in your five-year AI plan and how you can avoid making unnecessary, resource draining investments. We are also going to deep dive into edge AI and examine how it can improve your processes by reducing latency, security risks and internet reliability to ensure business continuity.

Hosted by:

Janne Pulkkinen
Chief Innovation Officer, Kela
Mika Rajanen
CIO & CDO, Matkahuolto
Petri Myllymäki
Professor, Vice-Director of FCAI
Mikko Aro
Director, KONE 24/7 Connected Services, KONE

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Analyzing the Business Opportunities and Challenges of Transformative AI and ML
Janne Pulkkinen, Chief Innovation Officer, Kela
Mika Rajanen, CIO & CDO, Matkahuolto
Petri Myllymäki, Professor, Vice-Director of FCAI

The different possibilities of AI and ML are many and are becoming more and more efficient and self-improving as we speak. Companies who realize the business potential these AI models provide are jumping to the forefront, making time-consuming and manual processes a problem of the past. Staying on top of the rapid AI transformation is therefore becoming crucial for IT leaders not to fall behind developing trends and avoid making unnecessary investments in buzzwords that provide no actual value.

In this panel discussion, we will discuss the current and arising developments of AI and ML such as tinyML models and deep learning neural networks, as well as reflect on what companies should think of when investing in the new trends. We will discuss both the business use cases provided by different transformative AI solutions as well as challenges like knowledge shortage and managing time consuming and costly investments. Additionally, our speakers will reflect on how to get past the pilot stage of AI implementation in order to boost the deployment of lasting AI capabilities in the company as well as sustainable AI.

  • Discussing the most successful developments and implementations of AI so far
  • Looking into emerging AI and ML trends and what to include in your five-year AI plan
  • Covering some of the consequences of getting your future AI strategy wrong and how to tackle this
Boosting Your Enterprise Efficiency with Cutting Edge AI Technology
Mikko Aro, Director, KONE 24/7 Connected Services, KONE

Edge AI is becoming one of the biggest AI trends to look out for – but why is it so? Predictions show that by 2030 we will have around 575 zettabytes of data, which is ten times more than we have today. Transferring all of this data back and forth between the device and network and getting quick results will eventually become unsustainable for companies due to the high latency, high costs and the high reliability on internet connections it requires. Combining the edge and AI is therefore becoming the unbeatable combo, providing the sought-after solutions for the organizations.

In this session, our keynote speaker will explain the role that edge AI will play in improving and developing your company’s data processing by reducing latency, improving privacy, and securing business continuity. We will go through the possibilities edge AI brings with it, such as real time ML and improved ROI and why this will become a necessity for your company moving forward. Additionally, we will go through actual use cases of edge AI as well as cover the first steps of getting started.

  • How edge AI can enhance the efficiency of your business models
  • Uncovering different use cases of edge AI and their business impacts
  • First steps of getting started with implementing edge AI


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