Leads as a Service
LaaS by Management Events is a subscription-based service that fills your lead pipelines regularly throughout the year with pre-defined 1-to-1 meetings in a set timeframe.

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Large amounts of virtual 1-2-1 meetings with decision-makers in an annual contract. Meetings are delivered through Management Event’s portfolio target groups

We offer exclusive packages of meetings with pre-selected prospects with high decision-making power and ready investment plans

Suitable for companies with clear target account / target group focus and enables you to build long-term continuity of customer relationship

What We Offer

Find it hard to meet top-level decision makers of your choice?

LaaS by Management Events is a sales team’s dream – providing you an opportunity to connect with senior prospects who have a need for your solution. Let us do the hard work and put qualified prospects in front of you. Discover more about how it works.

Use your time effectively with pre- qualified and targeted 1-to-1 meetings with decision-makers held from your office or home

Start follow up work from the 1-to-1 meetings immediately as no time is wasted on travelling from venue to venue

Choose to meet the prospects that will bring you long-term ROI

Get to know

We are
A B2B matchmaking company that connects you with high-potential prospects face-to-face or virtuall
What we do

Hand-pick high-quality prospects based on your target group and schedule meetings for you

  • Get your networking
  • Get your insights
  • Get your partnership

Top 3 challenges LaaS can solve

I don’t have enough time or resources

We do the hard work for you, from searching for qualified leads to organizing 1-to-1 meetings, so you can focus on what’s important – closing

I’m not reaching the right customers

We will do the research for you and only arrange meetings with decision makers who are looking for products and services your company provides

I find it hard to build new lead pipelines

We deliver the right number of meetings (OR as many as your request) to help you create new lead pipelines and increase sales opportunities

Our Expertise

We help you connect with buyers across industries
Collaborating with  C-level executives and decision-makers
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How does LaaS work?

Choose your package
How many high-quality meetings with decision makers do you want to have in the next 12 months? Let us know and we will customize a meeting package for you.
Define your target group
Provide us with a list of your target accounts and a description of the ideal personas.
Select who you want to meet
We will prepare a list of prospects who match your ideal customer, and you can choose which executives you want to talk to.
Prepare for your meeting
We will provide investment data and target group insights, so you know exactly what to talk about with your prospect.
Have a stellar 1-to-1 meeting!
We will schedule 1-to1 meetings between you and your prospects at a convenient time. All you have to do is prepare to impress potential business partners and customers.
Have a stellar 1-to-1 meeting!

References & Case Studies

  • Get your networking
  • Get your insights
  • Get your partnership

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Leads as a Service
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Leads as a Service
Want to know how other companies have already benefitted from LaaS?

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