From Good to Great in Digital: Mastering Talent and Customer Experience in a fast pace changing Era

29th November 2022, 12:00 – 13:30 CET

Now more than ever companies are looking to digitize their business. New standards call for new strategies, technologies, approaches, and tools to thrive now and build a solid base for the future. 

The First Belgium 90-minutes Digital Insights is taking place on November 2nd, 2022. It is all about the way change management, attracting and retaining the right talent and learnings on how digital technologies can improve CX and can accelerate your business in months and years to come. You will not only discover which trends are driving the market forward today, but you will also learn how to implement tangible solutions that deliver an immediate positive impact on your productivity.

Hosted by:

digital insights
Adrian Samareanu
Global Chief Digital Officer & SVP, Volvo Financial Services
Gunther Ghijsels
Chief Digital Officer, Randstad Group Belgium

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Winning the Talent, Culture & Technology Battle: It's time to Evolve your Change Management Practices!
Adrian Samareanu, Global Chief Digital Officer, Volvo Financial Services
Gunther Ghijsels, Chief Digital Officer, Randstad Group Belgium

Creating the right talent and culture for a tech-enabled transformation is not easy. To overcome common hurdles and pitfalls, companies need to take a different approach to talent. This will affect where and how they recruit, the career paths and development opportunities they offer, and the workplace experiences they create. Companies tailoring their talent strategies and cultures to what it takes to succeed within digital transformation are up to three times more likely to succeed.

In this session we will discuss the importance of getting people & culture elements of digital transformation right and the challenges that organizations face to creating cultures that allow for effective change within in a hybrid world on. Learn more on:

  • How culture change must be linked to business objectives and new working practices post-pandemic
  • Training employees about the purpose and technical skills needed
  • Attracting and retaining the required talent in an era where digital is tech is exploding
  • Finding connection and alignment between different generations, from baby-boomers to Gen Z
  • How digital technologies can enable the workforce in future work practices
  • How to preserve employee loyalty amid 'the great resignation'
Rapid Fire Q&A
Adrian Samareanu, Global Chief Digital Officer, Volvo Financial Services
Gunther Ghijsels, Chief Digital Officer, Randstad Group Belgium

In sequence of the leaders chat, our moderator, in consultation with the audience, will ask on-the-spot questions, on which Gunther and Adrian only have 60-seconds to summarize and shed light on the answers for each question!
A never-ending Journey: Speeding up Digital Transformation through Putting Cloud, Data and CX at the Core of the Strategy
Adrian Samareanu, Global Chief Digital Officer, Volvo Financial Services

Technological advances are driving fundamental market shifts and a new wave of digital-driven disruption. Customers are increasingly seeking always-on, performance-based, and integrated solutions— also in the automotive industry. Customers are demanding access to cars in a different, more flexible, and more convenient way. To successfully ride this wave of change, automotive companies need to continuously evaluate how digital disruption is changing customer behaviour, rethink their customer engagement model to leverage disruptive technologies, and redesign employees’ roles to form customer success capability that maximizes value for customers and enables an enhanced experience for them. Will we be buying vehicles or experiences?

Dive deeper into Volvo's customer-centric digital transformation journey and how data and the cloud are key priority in transformation:

  • Transforming to an As-a-Service business model: How their cloud- and data first strategy are enabling their customer-centric transformation
  • Developing management of data: How to unlock, capture and use rich (third party) customer data that is isolated and hidden in different silos across the organization in one single framework
  • Change management practices: How culture and organization support the company's digital transformation and eventually ensure better customer experience


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