Join us as we celebrate our first large, live gathering for Aurora Live network members in Finland this May!
11th May 2022

Featured Speakers

ME Executive Day was built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.  

Bringing together decision-makers from top500 companies in Finland, we provide a platform for leading industry experts to connect, establish lasting business relationships and share memorable conversations in a more casual setting.


14:00 – 14:45 – EXPERT INSIGHT
Who Are Brave Enough to Thrive in the AI and Platform Economy-Era?
Everyone is talking about data-driven leadership, digitalization and artificial intelligence, but for once could we take a step back and have an honest talk about the current challenges at the forefront of development instead of the highflying possibilities far in the future?

Antti will share his vision of the challenges for SME and large corporations in Finland during the transit towards the AI and platform economy era. He highlights the need for action now instead of when it is too late and challenges the listeners to ask themselves, did you choose the road that required bravery or less resistance?

Antti Merilehto is internationally very well-connected expert and author in the field of artificial intelligence. He is currently the Chief Development Officer at Houston Analytics and today he is going to share his insight on where we are right now regarding AI and what this means for leaders working with digitalization.

14:45 – 15:25 – LEADERSHIP INSIGHT
Mapping out Opportunities in Platforms and Ecosystems Management
As a leader in your industry a lot of other companies are relying on your business to succeed. It’s in everyone’s best interest to work together in the ecosystem for it to thrive, but how do you communicate and lead your interest successfully through the jungle?
It is clear to us that the world is getting more and more interconnected. We are living in a jungle of software and services which also starting to show. If ten years ago you still had the dream of an internal superhero team to solve all your problems nobody would have thought anything about it. Still today it a great idea to have talented people inside your organization, but the technology and software value chains are getting longer and longer with outsourcing, SaaS and partner organizations.

Turkka Keskinen from UPM10 will take the stage for an interactive leadership session where he will share his views and learnings on the topic. There will be room for questions and interaction during the presentation and we encourage you in the audience to be active.
Taking Ownership of Your Technology Portfolio with Ecosystem Management

This conversation is an informal introduction to people sitting next to you in the table. During the next 20minutes you can share your insights on the first two presentations and touch upon the discussion points Turkka & Antti left for you at the end of their presentations.

16:00 – 16:30 – TAXONOMY 101
What Does Green Transit Mean for your Portfolio?
What are we actually talking about while talking about the green transit? And what does the European Union mean by it?

The world is changing and most of us accept that it has something to do with our planet and ecosystems. Societies must transform and governments are making sustainable transition plans and promises backed up with investment packages in industrial reconstruction, pension funds are vetting their portfolios, companies are coming out with sustainability strategies, venture capitalists are pouring millions in climate technology and new sustainable companies are listing to the stock market.

There is no commonly shared taxonomy yet and most people might think they are talking about the same thing, when they aren’t. In this session we have financial experts take the stage and discuss how they see sustainability as a part of their portfolio and investment decisions.

X Marks the Spot, but What Treasures Lie in the Crossroads of Sustainability and Digitalization?
All roads used to lead to Rome, but today all paths direct towards digital and sustainable futures. Our previous speakers are coming back on stage, to discuss how these two mega transformations are connected to each other, where can we find synergies?
In the field of sustainable science, academics are combining forces with experts from all sides of research and today we are following their example in the private sector by bringing multiple functions to the table to discuss sustainability and digitalization. We doubt that anyone has all the answers, so it’s best to take a step back and start from the beginning – What are the main challenges and opportunities we see in these journeys today?
Navigating in the Crossroads of Sustainability and Digitalization
This session continues the discussion started on stage, but this time you and your peers will reflect on the insights shared on stage. In this round table we encourage you to share your personal experiences in the synergies or challenges in digitalization and sustainability transformations.
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