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The Data-Driven CIO – 15th June 2022

What is
ME Live?

ME Live was built on the idea of community – that we can do more together by sharing challenges, developing ideas, and inspiring one another.

That’s why we created a virtual platform that’s more than just a voice on the screen; one that enables interaction beyond polls & quizzes, that isn’t constrained by geographical distance, and that focuses on topics that matter most to you.

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Why Join ME Live: CIO?

The Data Challenge

CIO’s Role, Responsibility and Impact

Get the chance to discuss reporting structures from different industries, then hear more about how CIOs can create an advantage by using data, and how to tackle the issue of data quality.

The Sustainability Challenge

Enabling the Organization While Reducing Costs

Find out how can CIOs become leaders in the sustainability strategy, from using AI & AR to solve real life problems, to transforming the organization while lowering costs.

The Risk Challenge

Aligning Strategies and Effective Decision-Making

Learn about personal experiences and opinions on how changes impact your risk strategies, how to align them, and in the end, what are the emerging trends that CIOs should keep an eye on.

Featured Sessions:

The Data-Driven CIO

Taking Calculated Risks for a Sustainable Future

15th June 2022

During this discussion, participants are encouraged to share and collaborate on ideas and best practices to empower and support each other as CIOs:

  • How to successfully handle the risk of conflict over budgets, programs, and priorities?
  • How to build a productive working relationship in order to minimize the human error?
  • Going one step further: bringing all employees into the equation to cultivate a security conscious culture.
  • Best practices in building a reporting structure that works based on your industry and size?
  • What circumstances need to be assessed when designing your cybersecurity program?

Sophie Marchal, CIO, AXA, BE
Jots Sehmbi. CDO & CIO, University of Essex, UK

Storing, managing and providing the right access to your company’s data will always sit at the foundation of a solid data strategy. But new business realities demand more. Fostering a data driven culture of innovative decision making are crucial to building data and analytics practices that deliver positive business outcomes. Is your organization there yet? Are your employees empowered with the tools and access to influence decision making and impact the bottom line? In this interactive interview, our expert will shed light on the following questions:

  • How can CIOs grab the opportunity to have a “seat at the table” in the data driven business?
  • How to successfully spot new data driven business opportunities while at the same time continuing to be the curator and protector of the corporate data asset?
  • Best practices in deterring and managing the data proliferation
  • Successfully using high quality data to help CIOs reduce costs and make better use of their budgets and resources
  • Tackling the data quality on both legacy and new age platforms: How can they work effectively together, exchanging and sharing data

Stuart Birrell , CDO & CIO, EasyJet, UK

During this keynote, we will hear how the CIO can help organizations broaden their sustainability efforts to cover the environmental, economic and social impacts, leveraging cross functional relationships across the company to ensure the success of these initiatives. Our expert speaker will talk about the tech which can help CIOs transform the organization while lowering instead of increasing the costs.

  • What tools CIO’s need to develop to enable companies to measure their overall carbon footprint?
  • What exactly needs to be measured, on which scale and what are the biggest issues where CIOs can offer solutions?
  • How can CIOs add value to the company product and services by making them sustainable?
  • The importance of choosing the right partners: working with sustainable solution providers
  • Best practices of deploying artificial intelligence and automation tools for solving real sustainable problems
  • The CIO goal: how to meet the carbon reduction targets for IT, support customers and business users with more modern systems and reduce IT costs

Avril Chester, Royal Institute of British Architects, UK
During this panel discussion, our panelist will share their experience, the best practices and challenges faced in their work. You will learn about personal experiences and opinions on how changes impact your risk strategies, how to align your risk and business strategy and in the end, what are the emerging risk management trends that CIOs should keep an eye on:

  • How can CIOs gain access to more reliable risk related data for fast and effective decision making?
  • What tools can CIOs use to identify emerging risks faster?
  • How are changes impacting your strategies and what are the better ways to plan them?
  • How can CIOs align their new risk management priorities with the business strategy?
  • What are the top risk management trends that CIOs should keep an eye on?
Manuel Bosch Arcos, International CIO Europe, Centene, ES
Jens Becker, CIO, Zurich Group, DE
Matt Mallett, CDIO, Space Agency, UK

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