Pure Storage

- Partner Success Story -

Pure Storage's Challenge

The company faced challenges meeting the right decision-makers from Enterprise-level and Commercial High companies using traditional lead generation tactics like telemarketing.
Solutions Provided
The Result
Planned and arranged introductory virtual meetings with the right target audience
  • Pure Storage found the short virtual meetings effective for introducing themselves to new decision makers
  • Approximately 75% of those meetings have resulted in follow-ups
Saved Pure Storage time by connecting them to their ideal prospects
  • Our meetings connected Pure Storage to prospects right away without them having to speak to other company representatives first

We talked to Marwin Kroon, Field Marketing Manager Nordics at Pure Storage, to learn more about their experience with virtual 1-to-1 meetings and the results they’ve gained through this service.

Hi Marwin! Who would you say is the target audience for Pure Storage?

Pure Storage is an enterprise IT company that develops all flash data storage hardware and software solutions. Our solutions are tailored for companies that need large data storage solutions. That’s why we work together with Management Events to reach out to Enterprise-level and Commercial High companies.

In the Swedish market, we are focusing on for example, the finance, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. In the Nordics, managed service providers are very interesting companies as well, as our solutions fit perfectly for their business. Of course, we’d love to reach out to C-levels, but we never exclude speaking to influencers as well. I think your platform is perfect for having short meetings with C-levels and decision-makers, and it’s one of the reasons why I work together with you.

Prior to working with us, what challenges did you face reaching the right decision makers?

It’s very difficult to get in contact with the right targeted people within the market through one single activity. Nowadays, you really need to find different ways to reach them (multiple touch). I‘ve been doing this job for almost 13 to 14 years, and I think 10 years ago, I would survive with telemarketing, but it’s not the case today. That’s why the short introduction meetings you provide are very welcome. You just need time to briefly present who you are and how we can support them with their IT challenges.

The one thing that differentiates Management Events from other agencies or campaigns is the ability to have that foot in the door for that first conversation. From a marketing perspective, that’s very important because one of my jobs is to get our Account Managers in front of the prospects.

Pure Storage has been working with us since 2018. What do you think of the overall quality of the meetings and prospects since then?

I’ve gotten good feedback from my account managers that they actually sit down with the correct people and have good introduction meetings. This gives them the stage to have a follow-up meeting.

Around 75% will meet the expectations of the account manager. And they will have their first good introduction meeting, of course, they would love to have more time. But the most important thing is that they‘re talking to the right people and secure a follow-up meeting to hit those targets.

What are your thoughts on doing those meetings virtually?

Prospects who accept the meetings want to hear about Pure Storage. There is already a bit of interest, and the lead is warmer than usual. Having that introduction is key because normally you don’t get that time and effort from prospects no matter how much you spend on marketing. Because the meetings are short, we can meet the people we want quickly instead of having to go through multiple people within the company before we get to the decision-makers.

Can you share any good results based on the meetings you’ve attended?

Our average sale cycle is quite long, at least half a year. I do know we’ve closed some deals a year into working with you. We’ve been working more closely together these past few months so I‘m hoping to see serious results by the end of the year.

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