Revamping Your Traditional Bank with Human-Centered Design

19th April 2023, 09:00 – 09:45 CEST

Spurred on by the pandemic, banks have ramped up their digitalization efforts. But is that enough? Digitalization without considering user experience is a futile endeavor.

In this episode, we will focus on how you can rethink your mobile app design to be more consumer-friendly, the importance of digital onboarding and lessons that incumbents can learn from a challenger bank.

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Revamping Your Traditional Bank with Human-Centered Design
Paul Trotter
Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Atom Bank
Marco Eijsackers
Global Digital Strategy & Transformation Lead, ING

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Gaining a Competitive Edge by Raising the Bar on Customer Experience
Marco Eijsackers, Global Digital Strategy & Transformation Lead, ING

Brick and mortar banks are slowly being phased out of existence, thanks to the rise in digital banking and challenger banks these days. Traditional banks will only be able to keep pace with digitisation by making strategic changes to their IT functions. Here is where new technologies and data analytics comes into play as it gives rise to hyper personalized banking experiences.

In this session, our speaker Marco will delve deep into:

  • How to transform your IT to become future and digital onboarding ready
  • Exploring the evolution of the banking model to give rise to embedded banking
  • The importance of breaking down silos for enhanced data insights.
Becoming a Digital Bank - Thinking Like the Competition
Paul Trotter, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Atom Bank

Challenger banks have been disrupting the banking landscape with their fast and furious innovation pace for quite some time now. They are no longer the rebellious teens as they are all grown up now and there is much to learn from these maturing challenger banks.

During this session, our speaker Paul will share his thoughts on:

  • How have challenger banks created a seamless user experience for their customers?
  • Have traditional banks started shifting their focus to have more technologists on board?
  • What are the lessons that incumbents and challenger banks can learn from each other?


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