A Smarter, Next level Supply Chain: How Control Towers and Digital Twins help Manufacturers Gain Visibility throughout the Chain

14th February 2023, 08:30 – 09:15 CET

Manufacturing and other industries are currently facing unprecedented issues in supply chain, causing significant disruptions, plant shutdowns and margin losses. In this environment, organizations that can connect and orchestrate the entire ecosystem from suppliers to customers will outpace and accelerate their top and bottom-line growth compared to others. This can be done by building a digital twin of the supply chain and advanced solutions such as control towers.

Within this episode you’ll get to learn more on:

  • How to implement a control tower to gain real-time visibility throughout the supply chain
  • How to implement a digital twin to better manage risks and optimize decisions

Hosted by:

Devraj Kumar
Associate Director Operations, Zimmer Biomet
Damodar Hegde
Director Digital Supply Chain & Business Processes, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

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How Integrated Logistics & Customs Supply Chain Control Tower are built to Manage the Ecosystem and Provide Real-Time Insights
Devraj Kumar - Associate Director Operations - Zimmer Biomet

Due to the disruptions, manufacturers have become reliant on sophisticated digital solutions to manage the numerous interactions between all suppliers. The most sophisticated versions of these systems are control towers, which facilitate building an agile and resilient supply chain eventually.

Within this session you'll learn more about how to implement a control tower for a more visible and resilient supply chain.

  • What can a supply chain control tower do for your organization?
  • How to implement and deploy a supply chain control tower from concept to practice?
  • What are possible challenges when establishing a control tower?
  • How to create value from your data within the control tower?
  • What is the scope of visibility of the supply chain when establishing a control tower?
How Coca-Cola implemented a Physical Supply Chain Digital Twin to Optimize Business Decisions and Tackle Challenges at Massive Scale
Damodar Hegde - Director Digital Supply Chain & Business Processes - Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

With the supply-chain disruptions of the past two years showing no signs of easing anytime soon, businesses are turning to a new generation of AI-powered simulations called digital twins to help them get goods and services to customers on time.

Coca-Cola successfully implemented a Digital Twin of their production processes to optimize business decisions and manage the disruptions. Within this session you'll get to learn more about:

  • How they leveraged a digital twin approach to optimize the supply chain
  • How they deployed a digital twin in their supply chain
  • How tooling such as IoT and Data Analytics support a digital twin
  • What benefits a digital twin can bring to your supply chain organization
  • What benefits the digital twin brought during disruptions such as COVID-19 and the War


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