Modernizing the Value Chain: How Automation Addresses Broken Supply Chains and helps to Overcome the War for Talent

12th April 2023, 12:30 – 14:00 CET

COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have taught European retailers and manufacturers a bitter lesson. The global supply chain doesn’t adjust well to unexpected or unusual incidents. Extended lockdowns, changes in consumer behavior, spikes in fuel costs and tensions among global trading partners have caused an unprecedented breakdown of the supply network. Today’s organizations need to take action to fortify the supply chain.

During this episode we will dive deeper into automation solutions for your supply chain not only to survive, but also to thrive amid disruptions and the great resignation. Learn more on:

  • How to utilize and scale S&OP to optimize resource planning
  • Artificial Intelligence empowering supply and demand forecasting
  • How automation can help overcome the war on supply chain talent

Hosted by:

Naresh Nagarwal
Group COO, Dinex Group

Gerrit Jan Steenbergen
Global Director Retail Technology (CIO), AS Watson

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Get your S&OP Future-Ready: The Dinex Handbook to Optimize Supply Chain Processes through Smart Technology
Naresh Nagarwal - Group COO - Dinex Group

As businesses worldwide seek to improve the agility and resiliency of supply chains, the time has come to ditch manual processes wherever possible. Better automation practices in S&OP enable higher inventory turns, lower inventory costs, reduced out-of-stocks with an equivalent increase in sales and more.

Dinex Group successfully implemented, utilizes and scaled S&OP throughout the factories worldwide. Get yourself equipped with:

  • How to implement and utilize S&OP to make daily decisions
  • The challenges that came forward by the implementation and utilization of S&OP
  • How to utilize S&OP for digital warehousing
  • How S&OP has positively/negatively impacted the supply chain
Reducing the Error in Retail Supply Chains: How AS Watson Optimizes Inventory Powered by AI to Minimize Out of Stock and Overstock Situations
Gerrit Jan Steenbergen - Global Director Retail Technology (CIO) - AS Watson

To address the current disruptions, more and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence. In processing data, Artificial Intelligence and predict future demand, improve automation, and increase transportation efficiency. This gives supply chain executives deeper insight and control over every aspect of the chain. However, implementing AI is not as straightforward as it might seem. Due to the robust and varied nature of the technology, there are several elements within the supply chain that need to be looked at for it to properly work.

Within this use case AS Watson will dive deeper into:

  • How they implemented AI to minimize out of stock and overstock
  • What benefits AI brought for their organization to optimize inventory during disruptions
  • What benefits AI brought to increase visibility
  • What potholes to stay away from
Navigating the Labour and Talent Crisis: Creating a Win-Win between Humans and Automation in your Supply Chain
Gerrit Jan Steenbergen - Global Director Retail Technology/ CIO - AS Watson
Naresh Nagarwal - Group COO - Dinex Group

The war of talent has brought workforce issues to the forefront of industry discussions. It is said that labor and talent shortages will hamper growth even more the upcoming years. Retailers and manufacturers need to invest in a workforce for the future and focus on technology and automation. How can automation overcome the supply chain talent war and how can automation and humans complement each other?

During this insight our headliners will dive deeper into:

  • What automation tooling you could implement to face broken supply chains
  • The use of co bots that work collaboratively with humans
  • How to train and upskill staff on automation tools to improve processes
  • Strategies on how to extract the max benefit from both automation and humans


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