Digital by Default: Transforming Traditional Retail with New Experiences and Innovative Strategies

15th February 2023, 15:00 – 16:30 CET

Developing the future retail organization in a digital world requires digital-first leaders. With outdated business models that was built to support brick-and-mortar operations solely, the accelerated digital transformation is evident to retailers. In order to keep pace with the changing landscape, retailers need to overhaul their operating models as well as their technology architecture. Only a few have stepped outside the big box and been able to build a true omnichannel offering as well as implementing agile ways of working throughout the organization. If there is something retailers have realized, it’s that leaders do not only have to manage current or post-pandemic changes, but more importantly, the certainty of future unexpected changes.

In this 90Minutes Episode, we will explore a digital-first approach to retail and how to transform traditional retail into data-driven retail. Learn more about developing your IT strategy, new innovations in retail and how to meet the customer of the future.

Hosted by:

Pawel Grabowski
Head of Unmanned Solutions, Żabka
Mike Fogarty
Founder & CEO , Choice Market
data and analytics
Rich Corbridge
CIO, Boots

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Retail Innovation: Turbo-Charging Efforts with a Store-Centric IT Strategy
Rich Corbridge, CIO, Boots

As retail has been reshaped, a robust technology foundation can provide retailers with the capabilities required to boost performance. Most organizations have not made sufficient progress in developing their IT organization and are missing opportunities as a result. CIOs are the orchestrators of key projects and will continue to play an important role in transforming businesses in the future.

In this session, the Chief Information Officer of Boots will share insights on how to utilize technology to tap into new innovative ideas, as well as re-inventing IT strategies. Learn more about how make innovation work as a legacy retailer and how the boardroom’s belief in technology can be the catalyst for business transformation.

  • Making technology and transformation a boardroom conversation
  • Scaling engagement beyond head office and reconnect with the engine
  • Finding the ability to harness digital tools and personalize the customer journey
Stores of the Future: Inspire Your Next Strategy With out of the Box Retailing
Pawel Grabowski, Head of Unmanned Solutions, Żabka

A brand can stand to gain a lot by thinking outside the traditional retail space. The retail apocalypse reached its crescendo in 2021, and many legacy retailers had to close hundreds of locations. In their place, digital and frictionless enabled experiences started to dot the retail landscape. Only in the last years, we have seen retail innovation become viable in different shapes and forms, powered by some of the most advanced shopping technologies. Is the future retail store automated?

Listen into this session where Pawel Grabowski share insights on how Żabka, Poland’s largest convenience store chain, opened 50 computer vision-powered stores in only the span of a few months. Learn more about the technology behind the stores, and what the future of convenience looks like.

  • How does 'Just Walk Out' technology work, and what tools should retailers invest in?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of computer vision-powered stores?
  • What does the customer data tell us in terms of traffic and behaviors?
Leveling up the Experience: Redefining Convenience with First-of-its Kind Technology
Mike Fogarty, Founder & CEO , Choice Market

Traditional retail is dying, but physical retail is not. It is undeniable that the retail sector has been going through a period of seismic shifts, forcing retailers to adapt their models swiftly to integrate online channels with the physical offer. Nevertheless, physical stores can add dimensions to a brand that online simply cannot. What are the elements we need in order to breathe life back into physical stores? Creating an experience above and beyond the traditional and putting it at the forefront can make all the difference for big box retailers.

In this session, Mike Fogarty, Founder & CEO of Choice Market, will share how they redefined convenience and the convergence of business models. Learn more about different store formats and locations and how Choice Market followed suit with their own revelation in retail.

  • What makes the experience quick and convenient for customers?
  • How to innovate the customer service offering in-store with frictionless retail?
  • Why design stores and experiences based on the community served?


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