Unlocking the Full Value of Cloud Transition by Minimizing Speed, Security and Silo Risks

28th February 2023, 13:00 – 13:45 CET

According to VMware Research Group, 73% of enterprises already have two or more cloud platforms from different vendors, and while it certainly gives you benefits, it also widens the attack scope.

Join us for this Executive Insights where cloud security is on the agenda.

Hosted by:

Andres Andreu
Mel Migrino
Chairwoman & President, WiSAP

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Attack Surface Management in the Cloud Era: The Many Angles to Consider
Andres Andreu, CISO, 2U

Attack Surface Management (ASM) identifies exposed assets across the cloud and the Internet which are entirely outside the scope of firewall and endpoint protection services. With the rise of remote work and digital transformation, the attack surface is becoming more complex every day.

In Andres Andreu's Insight, he will provide a walkthrough of how to create a robust ASM solution that supports your business objectives.

  • What attack surface considerations start to surface when migration takes place to cloud-hosted environments?
  • How does a cloud component affect an overall attack surface?
  • Does a multi-cloud strategy complicate an attack surface?
  • Are integrations with other cloud players (i.e. SaaS vendors, etc) areas of concern when analyzing an attack surface?
Zero Trust in Cloud Migration: How To Not Get It Wrong
Mel Migrino, Chairwoman & President, WiSAP

Nearly all companies are moving their customer-facing platforms, or even their core platforms, to the cloud. With that Zero Trust implementation over extended networks to secure corporate data and assets becomes more difficult.

This insight provides everything you need to know about fighting false notions and mitigate risks while adopting a Zero Trust approach to your business as you move to the cloud.

  • What are some of the false notions about adopting zero trust in the midst of a cloud migration?
  • What are some of the challenges that you see in integrating cyber security controls in cloud-native applications?
  • What should be the mindset of the business and technology teams when utilizing cloud resources to speed up time to market?
  • Zero trust is a long journey, what strategies can you share to make this framework manageable to implement?


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