AI Governance in The Golden Arches

Insights and Lessons Learned from McDonald's

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From pioneering AI innovations in food preparation to strategic targets in development and loyalty programs, McDonald’s showcases a commitment to AI advancement. 

In this session, May Sethaphanich (Global Senior Counsel for AI, McDonald’s) will explore the fast food giant’s journey in AI Governance, which blends responsible implementation with evolving ethical standards.

Key Discussion Points:

    • Lessons from real-world applications in McDonald’s AI governance program
    • The evolving landscape of AI governance; the benefits and risks that shape decision-making in the current year
    • How McDonald’s successfully bridges the gap between theoretical frameworks and the practical realities of implementing AI governance on a global scale
    • How collaboration between cross-functional teams became the cornerstone of McDonald’s AI governance success
    • How McDonald’s navigates the ever-shifting regulatory landscape to ensure compliance and ethical use of AI technologies

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About the Speaker

May Sethaphanich

Global Senior Counsel for AI/Gen AI, Technology and Privacy

May is the global senior counsel for AI/GenAI, AI Governance and Privacy.

She advises on GenAI product development and related intellectual property issues for McDonald’s Corporation. She is part of the McDonald’s GenAI Center of Excellence and co-leads a cross-functional team on the global AI governance program design, development and implementation.

May’s experience covers technology, data and privacy governance, master franchising, media content licensing, acquisitions and other transactions.

May was born in Singapore, graduated from law schools in the United Kingdom, and is based at the Chicago head office of McDonald’s Corporation.

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