AI Risk Management

Striking the Balance in Awareness and Action


05. December 2023 | 16:15 - 17:00 CET

Does your organization possess the strategic acumen to navigate the complexities of the AI-driven landscape while effectively safeguarding its future against unique risks?

Join us in addressing a paramount challenge: mastering AI risks. This session is your gateway to unraveling key AI risks, exploring effective mitigation strategies, and understanding the pivotal role leaders play in responsible AI use. Tailored for business leaders, this is not just a session but a roadmap to comprehensive AI risk management—an imperative for thriving in the age of innovation.

Secure your organization’s future, empower innovation, and strike the perfect balance between pushing boundaries and safeguarding against potential risks. The future of AI awaits—master it with confidence.

During the session, we will address the following:

  • Understanding various AI risks and grasp the consequences of inadequate risk management
  • Learn systematic AI risk assessment methods
  • Explore strategies for AI risk mitigation and responsible practices
  • Discover continuous monitoring for AI system safety and compliance through real-time tools
  • Gain insights into evolving AI-related legal and regulatory frameworks to maintain data protection and privacy compliance
  • Best practices and case studies to learn from real-world cases and industry best practices for effective AI risk management
  • How to develop a customized AI risk management framework tailored to your organization’s needs?

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About the Speaker

AI Risk Management: Striking the Balance in Awareness and Action

Dr. Rebecca Wynn

Award-Winning Security Strategist and CISO
United States

Dr. Rebecca Wynn is an award-winning Cyber Security Strategist and CISO. She is also the founder and host of the Soulful CXO Podcast and an avid keynote speaker as well as an expert in data privacy and risk management. She is skilled in defining strategies, building organizations and practices, and restructuring operations and cybersecurity teams. Dr. Rebecca Wynn has achieved several notable successes and recognitions throughout her career and has worked with clients such as Sears, BestBuy, Hilton, Target, Capital One, and Wells Fargo.

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