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Quantum Computing Unleashed

A Journey Through Real-World Business Transformations


31. January 2024 | 15:30 - 16:15 CET

In the wake of generative AI’s boom in 2023, our focus shifts to the horizon of 2024, where quantum computing emerges as the next technological marvel, poised to transform businesses.

But the burning question persists: Does quantum computing have a future, and how can businesses leverage its power today?

During the session, we will address the following:

  • Global Quantum Landscape: Explore the current state of quantum computing worldwide, uncovering its impact and possible business uses.
  • Integration Challenges: Discuss obstacles businesses face when integrating quantum computing and share strategies for overcoming them.
  • Real-World Usage: Highlight concrete applications of quantum computing, underlining the advantages they bring to various industries.
  • Quantum Literacy: Advocate for understanding quantum concepts, empowering early adopters with the knowledge to thrive in a changing tech environment.
  • Sensitivity and Correction: Dive into the nuances of quantum systems, addressing their sensitivity and strategizing effective error correction methods.

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About the Speaker

Raul Palacios

President of Onequantum

Raul Palacios is the President at Onequantum (Chile Chapter) and Multicloud Solutions Director at Gtd. 

During his 20+ career experience, he´s been managing IT & Cloud related high complexity projects and technology integrations, working with with heterogeneous teams, in Americas, UK, Europe and Asia, mainly focusing on strategy, development, and delivery for large Cloud deployments (Public, Private & Hybrid) for Large Enterprises and organizations. Mr. Palacios is also actively engaged in the global quantum computing community. 

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